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    Work-Life Balance

Our Expertise

Employee Relations - Work-Life Balance

'The most successful organisations help their people balance the demands between work and home'

We help organisations to build and manage a work-life balance culture that is highly beneficial to the business. We help create a work environment that enables people to balance the relationship between their work and personal aspirations, to positively impact bottom line outcomes.  

We look at work-life balance linked to the following areas:

-  Maternity leave
-  Paternity leave
-  Adoption leave
-  Parental leave
-  Shared parental leave
-  Working time
-  Time off
-  Flexible working

Our service offering includes:

Design of work-life balance policies and practices that; enable individuals to successfully combine their

    work and personal lives whilst benefiting the organisation, are compliant with statutory requirements,

    and integrate well into the wider business culture.

>  Building internal capability so that business leaders, managers and key individuals know how to

    effectively implement the work-life balance policies and practices developed. Equally, if preferred, we

    can work alongside you as your business partner to provide as much, or as little support, as and

    when your organisation requires it.

>  Providing you with information, advice and support to help you confidently and constructively address

    work-life balance issues within the workplace.

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Our Expertise