'Having the right people policies in place makes a real difference

to business performance'

We work with organisations to develop workplace policies that make a real difference to the business. This entails working with internal stakeholders and decision-makers to help create and implement policies that are relevant and practical to the business environment, and reflect good management practices that get the best out of people.

Our policy development work is linked to all areas of people management and are categorised into seven broad areas:

-  Recruitment & selection

-  Training & development

Performance management

-  Employee relations

-  Health & wellbeing

-  Work-life balance
-  Organisational change

Our service offering includes:

>  Conducting a policy audit to assess your specific policy needs and requirements. This includes

    providing a full report with recommendations.

>  Design of workplace policies that are in alignment with your organisation’s business strategy, culture

    and values, as well as being compliant with statutory requirements.

>  Design of procedures and tools grounded in people science to support the effective implementation

    of the policies developed.

>  Building internal capability so that business leaders, managers and key individuals know how to

    effectively implement the policies, procedures and tools developed without reliance on external

    consultants. Equally, if preferred, we can work alongside you as your business partner to provide

    as much, or as little support, as and when your organisation requires it.

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Our Expertise

    Policy Development

Our Expertise

Policy Development