We recognise that no two organisations or individuals are the same. With this in mind we work with you to provide a tailored service to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation.


We draw on well-grounded psychological theory and research on how people think, feel and behave in the workplace. Together with contextual and other evidence this enables us to deliver services

that are underpinned by content on what makes people more effective at work and organisations more efficient.

Business focused

We provide a service that is pragmatic and commercially realistic for your organisation by balancing the requirements of employment law and policy with business culture and needs, translating theoretical understanding into practical business terms.


We provide advice and solutions that are easy to understand and implement.


We ensure our advice and solutions are robust and defensible based on employment law, evidence and experience. We deal with ambiguity. We don't make assumptions nor do we base our work on opinion.


We bring fresh perspectives and innovative thinking with the aim of providing a service that is tailored to meet your business needs. We do what is right for your business not what is easy.


We act in an unimpaired and objective manner. As an independent HR practice we can be trusted to offer an unbiased and credible perspective.

Our Approach

Our approach combines originality, pragmatism and a rigorous evidence base and ensures that we tailor our expertise to your requirements  

    Our approach is...