'Building people capability delivers better business results'

We tailor engaging and insightful development interventions to address individual development needs

and to meet organisational objectives. Our development interventions are tailored to help individuals

reach their full potential and develop the skills, attitudes and behaviours that are essential for managing people effectively, for optimized business performance.

Our service offering includes:

One-to-One Development Feedback:

One-to-one development feedback is an excellent starting point for developing an individual’s potential.

    Using world-class psychometric assessments as part of a structured process, we provide managers and

    key individuals with a deep understanding of the areas on which they should focus their development to

    excel at their work. This entails:

    -  Providing an insight into work style preferences and how these relate to the required competency

       behaviours at work.
    -  Developing self-awareness of strengths and potential areas for development.
    -  Exploring development actions.
    -  Providing a feedback report that outlines the profile, strengths, development needs and development

       actions which can be used as a basis for development planning.

    One-to-one development feedback is customized to your requirements. We can run the session stand-

    alone or as part of your wider learning and development programmes.

Management Skills Workshops:

>  We develop workshops to support managers and key individuals in developing capability for handling

     a range of people issues, including:

    -  Managing absenteeism
    -  Dealing with occupational stress
    -  Conducting investigations  
    -  Handling grievance
    -  Managing conduct
    -  Performance management
    -  Managing change

    Workshop content is based on the specific development needs identified and is rooted in employment 

    law, workplace psychology and your organisational context. The learning methods used reflect best

    practice principles of effective learning. To maximise the learning process, individuals are provided  

    with a development action plan that allows for transference of learning back into the workplace, time

    for reflection and feedback.

>  We deliver the workshops flexibly to suit your organisational needs, either as discrete workshops or

    combined together to be delivered as a modular development programme.

>  We can deliver the workshops or we can hand over to you for delivery by your in-house HR team.

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Our Expertise

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