Our Expertise

Employee Relations - Grievance

Our Expertise     

'Taking the right approach to conflict management leads to better business outcomes'

We help organisations to effectively manage complaints and concerns raised by the workforce that can have a damaging effect on the organisation and on people, and create a happier working environment

for high levels of business performance.

Our service offering includes:

Process Design:

>  Design of grievance processes that are fit for purpose. This includes developing policy, practical

    toolkits, alignment with other business processes and compliance with statutory requirements.

Organisational Analyses:

>  Measurement of trends and patterns of workforce discontent and conflict. This includes identifying

    the precise causes, impact and solutions that address the issues important to people and lead to

    positive and lasting cultural improvement.

Case Management:

Helping you to:

>  Address minor complaints and concerns informally.

>  Manage the formal grievance process from start to finish, resolving complaints and concerns quickly,

    confidently and constructively by providing you with thorough advice and support at every stage.

>  Manage the appeals process.

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