'The best organisations embrace change as the norm'

We help organisations to effectively manage change that is essential to remain successful in the current economic climate. This includes helping organisations with efficiency drives to identify better, smarter and more effective ways of working which can often lead to job roles being realigned (restructuring) and a reduction in the workforce (redundancy).

Our service offering includes:

Restructure and Redundancy Projects:

>  Helping you to carefully plan and smoothly implement business restructuring, workforce redeployment

    and downsizing (redundancy) projects by providing you with thorough advice and support from start to


> Helping you to manage the re-engagement of the remaining workforce following the change process

    to maximise workforce motivation and engagement in order for the change to be effective.

>  Design of restructure and redundancy processes that are fit for purpose. This includes developing

    policy, practical toolkits, alignment with other business processes and compliance with statutory


Support for Leavers (available to individuals and organisations):

>  Providing individual support to people seeking career guidance. As part of career planning and to    

    help prepare for interview and the future work environment, we use psychometric assessments to

    help individuals explore which occupations and work cultures they are most likely to be suited to.

    The psychometrics assessments we use provide unique psychological insights into how an individual

    behaves and measures potential talents across a range of areas in the workplace.

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